Compactor Monitoring That Actually Works

  • Only empty your compactor when completely full, reducing hauls up to 75%.
  • Meet your sustainability goals.
  • Receive real-time data.
  • Manage thousands of units.
  • No up-front cost.
  • Installs in 5 minutes.
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Improve Operations with Live Data from your Compactor

Provides real-time insights for compactors of any style

Features and Capabilities

  • It's smarter than us - Learns from fill rates and our algorithms to predict when to empty the compactor.
  • It prevents "Packouts" and light hauls - It's not guessing. It knows the weekend of that busy Saturday is coming.
  • No more trash sitting on your loading dock because someone forgot to order an empty &┬áreturn.
  • It's Automatic - Communicates to the hauler, property manager, and janitorial staff in real-time.
  • Recognizes and records hauls and flags when a haul is past due.
  • Reports that help - Savings that matter ($$$, hauls, greenhouse gas, time).
  • No manual data entry - Records the date and weight of each pickup for improved reporting (optional).

Increase Your Tons per Pickup & Reduce Hauls

Dynamic, as-needed pickups mean less hauls, reduced Greenhouse Gas Emissions, and less cost.

Unlock the full capabilities of your compactor equipment

  • Stop hauling light containers - Containers on a set schedule are often emptied partially full.
  • Blinkt allows for dynamic, as-needed pickups that increase the average weight of each pickup, and reduce your overall expenses and environmental impact.



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Blinkt monitors can immediately improve your business operations.
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